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How to Make Your Short Term Rental A Smashing, Profitable Success! | Episode 18

#podcast #tinastips Aug 21, 2023
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So you bought - or want to buy - a short term rental - what do you do to set it up for success once you have the house!?

In my experience as a successful short term rental owner and operator, it all comes down to preparation and systems to have a smooth and profitable operation. In this episode, I share what you need to know to pull that off, including:

  • Selecting which platform(s) you'll use to market & book your property
  • Whether to hire a property manager or cohost, and the spectrum of options within that umbrella
  • Setting up your dream team: who you need on board and why they matter (spoiler alert: having a stellar cleaner & reliable handyperson will make or break this for you!)
  • Systems for success including message templates, message automations, and a tool to automatically adjust & optimize your nightly rates
  • The power of a thorough guestbook that proactively answers FAQ, makes it easy for guests to settle in to your home, and gives them pro tips to make the most of their time in your home and destination
  • Best practices to become a 5 star review success story - and get / keep Superhost status if you're on Airbnb
  • Key elements to ready within your house so your guests are happy when they arrive
  • Things to know and address in your staging, styling, photography, and positioning online so your photos & copy do the heavy lifting to get and keep your home booked

... and a few other tips along the way!

If you listen to this episode and want to reach out to Charlotte with Broad River Retreats to set up all of your back end, click here to get going! Charlotte can support you with the vast majority of what I cover in this podcast and help you be as successful out of the gate as I have!

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