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My Spicy Hot Takes on What the National Association of Realtors Commission Settlement Means for YOU! | Episode 30

#podcast #tinastips Mar 25, 2024
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I've been flooded by agents asking for my take on the proposed NAR settlement for real estate agent commissions so I decided to be bold and record an episode with my spicy hot, unfiltered takes on what this means for our industry.

In this episode I talk through:

- Moving my reactions and mindset from emotions to *action*

- My perspectives on what this means for buyers (especially from a standpoint of equity, wealth disparity, fair housing, and the ongoing hyper-competitive market climate)

- Opportunities I see for myself, my team, and like-minded Realtors from both the seller and buyer representation perspectives

- How our job description as listing agents might change

- Some wakeup calls on the way consumers perceive real estate agents and what you (and I) can do about it

I also give my best tips on what you can do right now. A lot of this has to do with mindset. I focus on:

* Actively seeking solutions to problems I foresee already

* Creating well written, clear collateral to provide clients and prospects

* Updating your buyer presentation and consultation process to proactively educate our clients and prospects on what's changing, and when

* How crucial it is to trust in your wisdom, experience, and skillset in all of the difficult things you already articulate and explain to clients - and how to transfer that to buyer agent compensation conversations

* The importance of being wise about your inner circle, the voices in your ear, the people in your team/network/brokerage, and who you're following on social media - all the time, but especially in times of change and financial uncertainty


And yes I was breathless by the end of this one!


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