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Realtor Tips: Finding Vendors Who Help You Grow Your Business & Generate Leads | Episode 34

#podcast #tinastips Apr 22, 2024
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One of the most crucial pieces of a relationship-driven realtor’s business is to work with industry vendors who are the best of the best.

I recorded this episode in response to my friend and colleague, Hanna Fountain, who came to me wanting my best practices on cultivating and managing vendor relationships.

We discuss:

  • Finding vendors who align with your values and standards
  • My expectations and standards for proactive, prompt, and thorough communication
  • The importance of partnering with vendors who are committed to and follow through on building a reciprocal relationship
  • The value of maintaining a “B list” of backup vendors
  • The importance of curating an inner circle - whether that’s a mentor, team, brokerage, or network - in order to expand your relationship and vendor database while maintaining high quality standards



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