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A micro-course from Marketing Expert Tina Beliveau on Editing Video for Social Media

Tina will cover everything you need to know on creating beautiful videos of ANY length and for all social and web formats. 


You will learn how to:

- stitch multiple clips together

- add transitions, text, music, voiceovers, images, stickers, and calls to action

- speed up and slow down your video clips

- create eye-catching transitions for reels and videos

- create videos out of still photos

- and a LOT more!


Upon registration you will receive:

- Access to Tina's course platform with class materials and the recording

- Extra value: Access to Tina's private Facebook Group where you can continue to brainstorm with her and ask questions of likeminded professionals

- Bonus giveaway: Tina's template for making IG reels out of your listing photos


Your Investment: $50

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